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Microscopic nucleotomy for the cervical spine

As a rule, cervical spine disk herniation removing is an open operation: the spine disk is replaced by different objects. It can be a part of the patient’s hipbone or a case of various nature like titanium (that is the most widely spread). These days, spine disk prostheses are winning more and more popularity among doctors and patients. The operation main advantage is the instant limb pain relief and the zero chance of cervical spine hernia return. The patient is dismissed from hospital on the 3rd day. We recommend to wear a special cervical semi-hard collar for 4 weeks. The neck brace is optional for the spinal disk replacement surgery.
Cost: from 16,000 EUR
Information on the other SD herniation treatment methods:

  • Spinal stenosis treatment by microscopic laminectomy
  • Spine disk replacement, e.g. for osteochondrosis
  • Epidural perineural infiltration

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