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Biological intervertebral disk turnover

The key pain reason: intervertebral disk
SD surgery is the most popular spinal surgery. Pain relieves after most operations and patients are satisfied with the results.
But unfortunately, pain relief doesn’t remove its cause, thus there is a chance of repeated backaches that can hardly be remedied by conservative treatment. The damaged spine disk replacement is a comprehensive solution of this problem. That’s the main trend in orthopedic surgery: you should get rid of the cause to heal the disease. That’s why the joint endoprosthesis replacement is so popular.
As for the spine treatment, this trend development goes in two ways:

Biological turnover method lies in the tissue growing at the laboratory when the tissue parts are taken from the patient’s SD and the grown tissue is inlaid in the patient. This method has been applied for the jaw bones and joint cartilage for many years. Nowadays, the intervertebral disk cell growing is practiced in Germany.
The surgery includes three stages:

  • At the first stage, the minimum invasive method is used and a small part of the patient’s healthy intervertebral cartilage is taken.
  • Then the sample is taken to the special laboratory where the cells reproduce and form the new tissue. The process lasts for about a month.
  • Finally, the grown tissue is transplanted to the damaged spine disk using the minimum invasive method.

After the turnover surgery, the patient should keep to the special rehabilitation program and undergo the muscle structural physiotherapy.
Information on the other treatment methods:

  • Microscopic laminectomy treatment method for the spinal canal stenosis
  • Spine disk replacement, e.g. for osteochondrosis
Epidural perineural infiltration



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