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Spine disk replacement, e.g. for osteochondrosis

The method is applied for the lumbar spine degenerative changes. It’s an extremely efficient osteochondrosis treatment method. Either polymeric pad or titan implant can be used as surgical material. As a result, the spine physiological mobility is preserved.
Before the operation, the patient should undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
SD prosthesis is introduced via anterior approach: the rectus abdominis mucle is cut on the edge (usually on the left) and the SD content is enucleated and the disc prolapse is removed. Finally, an implant (prosthesis) is introduced under microscope and X-ray control allowing the segment to restore its functions. The basic scientifically-based lumbar SD replacement indication is the patient’s chronic pain with so-called "black disk” (MRI). The patient can leave hospital on the 3rd-5th day after the operation.
Cost: from 16,000 EUR
Information on the other treatment methods:

  • Epidural perineural infiltration
  • Percutaneous thermocoagulation, intervertebral joint cryo-therapy
  • Percutaneous intradiscal thermocoagulation



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