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Hip displasia, corrective osteotomy

Hip dysplasia is an inborn hip deficiency characterized with the size and form disproportion of femoral head and acetabulum resulting at the leg dysfunction. It’s often related to the increasing angle between the femoral head and the stem: as a result, the joint capsule cannot hold the femoral head in the joint capsule and moves upward and laterally (outside). If you don’t undergo any therapy you may suffer from early arthrosis and may need the hip joint replacement in the future.


If conservative therapy for subluxation or luxation didn’t bring any results you should undergo an operation. There are two basic surgical methods: pelvic osteotomy (improving the head surface) and hip osteotomy (hip alignment). The hip bone surgery helps to correct the acetabulum and femoral head position. If the osteotomy does not result into displacement correction, the patient has to undergo the hip surgery.  

Post-surgery period

The operation is performed in the hospital and is followed by the physiotherapy course. Depending on the surgery type, there are some weight lifting restrictions.


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